Supporting Masonic Hospital Visitation Program for the V.A. 

Providing a museum and monument to George Washington

Establishing the first public library in the District of Columbia

Funding research into auditory perception disorders in children 

Providing orthopedic services and treatment for burns to children through the Shriners hospitals 

Funding an orthopedic, neuralgic, and child development hospital 

Operating a center for dyslexic and aphasia disorders in children 

Training awards for religious leadership and those making religious work their career 

Providing scholarship and fellowships for Ph.D. candidates in Public School Administration 

Funding grants to students in Schools of Government and Business Administration and International Affairs 

Support for students seeking degrees in fields associated with service

to country and humanity 

Establishing hospitals for research of heart disease, cancer and aging

Establishing hospitals for research of diabetes, hypertension,

and blood substitutes 

Funding meeting and performance facilities at the International

Peace Garden 

Funding research into the causes and treatment of schizophrenia and related disorders 

A Museum and library focusing on our American heritage as well as Freemasonry's role in the history of our country  

​Supporting the STEM program at our local schools.

Funding treatment for birth defects 

Provide low cost eye surgery and prescription glasses

Sponsoring area youth sports teams

Providing a free child ID program  (MD CHiP)

Funding a summer camp for underprivileged children

Providing out-patient services for cancer treatment 

Providing Christmas Day dinner in many communities 

Funding dental care for handicapped children 

Providing scholarship assistance to nursing students 

Maintaining a National Geriatric research center

Providing financial support for Fisher House

Supporting the Blind Veterans Association

Funding college scholarships to each high school in MD

Providing free equipment to volunteer fire companies

Providing an educational program for youth

about Drugs and Alcohol 

Providing financial & volunteer support for the

Special Olympics

Support area transitional care facility for women

and their families

Support for the Muscular Dystrophy Association 

Providing new shoes for children in need


 Providing needy homeless children in the school districts with clothing and toiletries 

Sharon Lodge  #182

A. F. & A. M.

Reisterstown, MD 21136

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 While compiling the list below, it is noted how our many areas of society

we support.  If you need help or have knowledge in any of the following areas, please contact our lodge secretary.   

Please join us in offering prayers and

support to our military men and women

and our first responders